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Selii is an easy to use greeting card maker for every occasion. You only need to set it up once, then it sends automatically. Your greetings cards are taken care of forever.




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Thanh NguyenHunter@thanhnguyen1192
Hi everyone, I'm Thanh Nguyen, Member of Selii. We’ve just launched Selii. It's a creative tool to send greeting cards automatically with two main features: 1- Edit the design easily and download immediately to send each person individually. 2- Automatically send to each of your existing data lists (Excel file) on their birthdays with their names included on the card. In addition, you can create many different campaigns for different events such as Birthday reminders, send invitations, send congratulations, etc... We would be pleased to hear your feedback.
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
Also, could you explain your pricing model? I'm a little confused by a monthly subscription; is it not based on 'per card sent'?
Thanh NguyenHunter@thanhnguyen1192
@swetzequity Hi Zach Swetz, currently our pricing model is monthly subscription, meaning that you can send 10.000 email card per month.
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
I really like this, who do you consider your big competitors?
Thanh NguyenHunter@thanhnguyen1192
@swetzequity I would happily talk to you about is the business model as well as other issues via email, thank you!
Chris Villa@chrisvxd · Web entrepreneur
Looks great, but the responsiveness of the site is all over the place on my iPhone 6s.
Thanh NguyenHunter@thanhnguyen1192
@chrisvxd Thanks for your feedback! My Team is completing this responsiveness for mobile. Can you use Selii on the desktop and give me feedback to
Hayko Harutyunyan@hayko_harutyunyan · MIC Student
Very useful for people like me. Thanks.
Thanh NguyenHunter@thanhnguyen1192
@hayko_harutyunyan Thank you for your comment, please contact me at if you need support!