Attach your smartphone or GoPro to any stick

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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
Pretty cool Dutch project on Kickstarter!
Brian Roach
@anodigital · DJ / Producer @ANODIGITAL
I like it!
Rogue London
@iamroguelondon · Grateful and determined.
Would it not effect the swing performance?
Marcin Odchyl
Smart :) it could be very helpful with my GoPro during moutain climbing.
Sabrina Kipper
@polyakovkakatya · web, designer
I use now new stick. It is Extending Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero 1 2 3 3+4, very useful and comfortable. This stick is perfect for use with digital cameras, GoPro cameras, and most smartphones. Its handle is made from soft foam to ensure that it is non-slip thus giving you a comfortable touch. Additionally, it has a waterway wrist which can be safely attache… See more