The smart, flying, phone case camera

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Antonio Bustamante
Cofounder at Silo. Designer, Engineer.
This looks like a pretty cool product. I'll definitely get it once it's out. I just want to give my two cents on the launch, the marketing, and the design. Forgive me if I sound blunt, but this is something I've also learnt and I just want to share it. With Kickstarter campaigns, I think you want to optimize for a very important market and behavior: potential customers with disposable income making an impulsive purchase. The problem of optimizing for impulsive purchases is that first impressions do matter, and the design of your launch materials, the website, the assets, the logo, needs to overall give an impression of a professional company, and especially a company that will deliver the backed product. Some things that stand out: - The first image of the site, the one that needs to dazzle the customer, is a poorly rendered prototype. You have videos of people using the real thing. Why not show me those videos, or an actual step by step demo? There's no greater thing than proving the value of the product, and especially one like yours would kill it with a good video. - Your page's head title is "website-4". - Some of the texts in your website are just JPG blocks of text with a lot of artifact and compression. - I'd encourage you guys to explore a logo and branding that suggests a robust product, but also light and fun, and targeted to a final consumer audience, rather than a more corporate approach.
Amazing preview gif. See the whole thing in list view before even opening this details page.
Ishai AnkriHead of Product
Amazing idea! shut up and take my money (if it actually works :)