The keyboard for ultimate self-exression!

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Jonah Kaner
@arisgoldberg and I started working on this a few months ago. We knew emojis weren't quite doing it, and iPhone users needed something more to express themselves with, which is how we landed on Selfkie. Users can create unique keyboards, which are collections of up to five Selfkies, by taking photos or adding from the camera roll, and download pre-existing ones. We've broken up the design of the keyboard extension to show only one keyboard at a time, but you can swipe through all your keyboards for easy use, which makes having a keyboard of your dog, your child, your friend, your (happy) self, your (sexy) self, etc. even easier to switch between. One of my favorite use cases thus far has been creating a keyboard of faces of someone you're texting with and using their expressive faces on them. PS: something fun happens when you finish creating a full keyboard (5 images).