Do a self-retrospective to improve your life

Do a retrospective with yourself to create a plan for improvements in different parts of your life

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Hey ProductHunt 👋 I'm always aspiring to improve myself, whether it is in my career or my private life. Retrospectives are a proofed tool in agile software development, but why don't we do retros in other parts of our life? During a retrospective, you ask yourself: • What went well in the past iteration? • What could be improved? • What will I commit to improve in the next interation? That's why I built a convenient tool to track and improve your personal development and personal evolution. Here is how it works: ❇️Choose between different parts of life you would like to improve (i.e. work, self, family, money, possessions, …) ❇️ Choose after how many month you would like to do the retrospective ❇️ Ask yourself for each part of your life: What did you do good? What could you improve? ❇️ Add your email address That’s it! You will receive an email after the chosen time period to do a retrospective with yourself. I built this service for myself half a year ago as a side project, people like @thepatwalls and @levelsio inspired me to finally ship and launch it! Let me know what you think! Cheers, Adrian
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I like it, but why would I have to pay for it?
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@danirogerc what do you mean with pay? I do not plan to monetize it 😉
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@danirogerc @krebs_adrian so you'll be just making your email list with this. Thats a cool move.
Hi @krebs_adrian, upvote from right next to you at Auer ;)
@s2imon haha awesome! Let me know if you are up for a coffee at the colab in the next few weeks. Would love to hear more about iubenda and your products 😃
@krebs_adrian sure dm me for details :)