Self-Quarantine Book Club

Stuck inside? Join a book club on our Slack community.

A community on Slack where book lovers around the world are coming together to discuss what they’re reading.
Each book has its own Slack channel, so it’s easy to find other readers, share thoughts and questions, or just sit back and follow the conversation.
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Timely project while we're all WFH (or should I say, RFH 🥁). I'm currently reading The Courage to be Happy, the book following The Courage to be Disliked (one of my favorites).
@rrhoover I'm currently reading Empires of Light on recommendation from @jasoncrawford. It's about Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse and their race to electrify the world.
As book lovers, we at Highlighter have spent years building tools and communities for readers like us. The idea for a “Self-Quarantine Book Club” actually came from @andrewchen, who tweeted about the concept recently and mentioned us as a team that might naturally build it. We thought this would be a great way to encourage people to stay at home—and to create more human connections around the books we're all reading while we’re stuck inside. :) Self-Quarantine Book Club is a gathering place for readers.  It's a new kind of open book club where you can find a community for any book you’re reading and connect with other people reading the same thing.  It's casual, fun, and global.  We'd love to have you join us!
THIS IS AWESOME! Adding it to Absolutely in love with this.
@adam_bell2 Thanks, Adam! We're happy to be a small part of adding more optimism to an otherwise challenging situation. Thanks for curating a great collection of positivity and including us!
@deekay Excited to get reading! How soon will we get information on our bookclub match up?
@adam_bell2 we will be welcome new community members in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience! (It has been a busy morning 😉)
@adam_bell2 we just sent out the next round of invites, but I didn't see your name in there. Did you complete the email opt-in step?
@deekay I did! Just signed up again.
Great idea! Is there any plan to create public events for book discussion (Zoom calls etc.) for books that have enough readers? Or will groups in Slack self organize discussion themselves? If there will be events I'd love to add them to https://www.quarantinetogether.c..., but in the mean time I'll add this as one of the wonderful communities people should join 🤗
Yes, @adanguyenx, we're open to doing Zoom calls for various books. Each book has it's own channel (e.g., #book-the-three-body-problem is where we're discussing that particular book). So we can do book-level Zoom calls if enough people are interested or we can use the general-chat area to discuss interest in a community-wide Zoom.
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