Self Control Block Distracting Websites

Block distractions to eliminate wasteful browsing habits

iOS App inspired by a well known SelfControl. It aims to provide a similar functionality on iOS. It allows you to block distracting websites on your iPhone. Have you ever wasted your time on the Internet? Do you need more self control? This is the app for you.

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Is this affiliated with SelfControl for Mac? That's my favorite desktop app - it's permanently on. I'm writing this comment from inside a virtual machine. (I was posting something on PH, so I really needed it.)
@_vojto no but I also keep using it all the time and wanted to have a similar soft for an iPhone. Btw. you can always edit "slash etc slash hosts" (sorry but ph xss protection does not let me input it normally :p )
@_vojto that app got me through high school and college hahaha
Looks awesome! Is it open source?
@giacomolaw Thanks. No, it is not an OS app.
Hello Hunters! My second submission. It will be free of charge today so that you can check it out. It is a very simple iOS app, you can use to block distracting websites. I developed it because I did not like alternative options available in the AppStore. You simply add a list of distracting websites and then you can no longer browse them on Safari. Due to iOS restrictions, you can disable the blockage by digging through Safari settings. However since I started using Self Control, I managed to eliminate my habit of mindlessly checking whether internet cats are still funny. Sorry Glasshole Kitty! ;)
Been using the Mac version for ages, have been using an ad blocker as workaround, this looks like a great replacement! Nicely done! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Nice! Have been seeking for something like this for a long time!
@deanyeong thanks ! if you find it useful I would be really grateful for an AppStore review. It's not easy to get those nowadays :p