Self Control

Block distractions to eliminate wasteful browsing habits



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Is this affiliated with SelfControl for Mac? That's my favorite desktop app - it's permanently on. I'm writing this comment from inside a virtual machine. (I was posting something on PH, so I really needed it.)
Pablo — Pablo
@_vojto no but I also keep using it all the time and wanted to have a similar soft for an iPhone. Btw. you can always edit "slash etc slash hosts" (sorry but ph xss protection does not let me input it normally :p )
Alex Marshall — CX @HealthIQ, Advisor @TuesdayStrategies
@_vojto that app got me through high school and college hahaha
Giacomo Lawrance — Author of The Nerdy Student
Looks awesome! Is it open source?
Pablo — Pablo
@giacomolaw Thanks. No, it is not an OS app.
Giacomo Lawrance — Author of The Nerdy Student
@_pawurb Okay, thank you!
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