A chatbot of Selena Gomez on Facebook Messenger

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Ok lets clear this up first... I've not posted this because I'm a massive Selena Gomez fanboy BUT I thought @joshbocanegra's write up was awesome. And nails a big opportunity for bots. "I created a Selena Gomez chatbot for my daughter and saw the future." The post ends with: We need more chatbots that reflect the personas of people we care about. We can start with public figures. These chatbots will consequently strengthen the brand of public figures, which will then increase user adoption of chatbots overall. SelenaBot is just a start. She also does a quiz (data collected from interviews as well), shows you tour dates, social media updates, lets you listen to music and anything else you can expect to find on a website. SelenaBot can also broadcast a message to all of her fans using the Chatfuel platform she was built on whenever she has updates and/or new Q&A’s. This is something that wasn’t possible before chatbots. With chatbots like SelenaBot, millions of fans can get to know their favorite public figures on a personal level without reading another interview or talking to them directly. And millions of people will start to know why chatbots are cool. And I couldn't agree more! We've seen examples of personal bots with MessinaBot about @chrismessina, botwick about @borthwick , GaryVeeBot about @garyvee , Pewdiebot about @pewdiepie , Foobot about @Redfoo , Hardwell Bot about @HARDWELL and of course EstherBot cc @esthercrawford This is where I see the HUGE bot potential. Not in messaging some business back and forth to buy a t-shirt or something else thats not the ideal experience. Now it's the race for building the biggest celebrity bots - no doubt a @justinbieber bot will be soon!
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@bentossell "Ok lets clear this up first... I've not posted this because I'm a massive Selena Gomez fanboy" -> Sure Ben, sure :)
@sarthakgh haha just *stumbled* across it I swear 😬
Hey guys! I initially created SelenaBot for my little girl. However, it didn't take long until I realized what it can do for celebrities and their fans. SelenaBot has received over 10,000 messages since I launched it 4 days ago. Based on the bots analytics, users love Q&A's the most. I also just added a new feature to SelenaBot called "Autographs" where she will sign autographs with your name on it. SelenaBot has already sent over 300 autographs to users since adding the feature yesterday. It's not a real autograph and users know that, but I think it's a pretty cool experimental feature to play with until celebs can provide their real autographs to a bot. I'm 100% open to suggestions and potential partnerships to help make this happen. I can be reached at Thanks for the Hunt Ben!