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John Jantsch@ducttape · CEO
Um - it's still spam!
Gaurav GuptaMakerHiring@gauravgupta · Founder, SquareBoat
@ducttape Yups, this point comes up often so I'd like to add something here. It's spam only if you use it send bulk, unpersonalized email to a million people not knowing who they are and if your email makes any sense to them at all. If you're introducing someone to something they might find useful, it's not necessarily spam. Moreover, you need not bulk mail anyway. If you can take out the time and focus on each person, you can use this data to introduce your product/service in a very smooth, personalized manner.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@gauravgupta tell us more. how do you find people who like music? (per your last example) what's a sample email that you'd send?
Gaurav GuptaMakerHiring@gauravgupta · Founder, SquareBoat
@eriktorenberg Mainly through information available in the public domain, social media etc. Not sure about your second question - If you meant what's a sample email I would send to such people, I would introduce my music startup, explain why it's useful for them and include a link to try out my product. Does that answer it? If not, reply!
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@gauravgupta hmm if i was a customer i'd want to know exactly how you find them and what you'd send them. if i was a customer what would you tell me re: how many would convert into active users? what have you seen in experiments so far? (it's a neat idea which is why i ask :)
Gaurav GuptaMakerHiring@gauravgupta · Founder, SquareBoat
@eriktorenberg Ah I see. No I won't send them anything! I will give you a list of email addresses but the actual mailing would be done by you, in the way you want to (personalized/bulk etc.) using any tool you prefer (Mailchimp, Sendy, SES etc.) Regarding the statistics, yes, I think I should be having a "testimonials" section of some sort. I tested this out with a couple of startups and they were blown away with the response. A substantially large %age of the recipients tried out their product, signed up and even contributed some blogposts. (The startup I am talking about is a travel blogging platform)
Gaurav GuptaMakerHiring@gauravgupta · Founder, SquareBoat
Hey Product Hunters! SelectSend founder here. We realized that it's hard for startups to find customers. We've built a simple service to help you find users, just by telling us a bit about your app and what interests you're looking in your users. For example: If you are a music startup, just tell us to find people who like music. We'll do the rest for you. Hope you find it useful!