Beautiful new tab with personalized photo categories

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Thanks for the hunt @benln! Hey everyone! I’m Lior, the creator behind Darkness and Wikiwand, and today I’m excited to introduce you to “Select”, which I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. Select is a beautiful new tab extension that shows you the world’s most stunning photos. You can personalize it by choosing from 20 different photo categories: beautiful beaches, wild landscapes, night scenery, underwater life, adorable pets, sports cars and many others. The free version includes the 5 most popular categories, and the Pro version includes all categories. I’ve made the quality of photos my top priority - all photos are carefully curated, so you can enjoy the most beautiful photos imaginable (in crisp Full HD resolution). The interface is extremely clean and minimalistic so you can fully enjoy the photos, and so your new tab loads as fast as possible I would love to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
Looks good!
Thank you @haimpekel - my focus was finding and curating photos that make you go "wow", while keeping the extension's interface as minimalistic as possible.
Looks good! Are the backgrounds static or do you support GIFs 😍?
Thanks @genadyo - all the background are currently photos, we'll consider adding additional categories for videos and animations in the future. @eytanlevit even suggested a category for aerial slow-motion videos like the Apple TV screensaver:
Another great hunt, @benln. Congrats, @liorgrossman. Stunning photos and great design as expected. How do you curate the photos and from where (if it's OK to ask)?
@sageeb - of course! Finding and curating the photos is actually quite a process :) The photos are currently hand-curated from 500px and Flickr. I'm performing search on specific themes, as opposed to looking at photos in general. I've built an internal tool that helps rule out bad photos (low resolution, portrait instead of landscape, commercial license), and import the great few photos to Select. The curation itself is a work of art, and a LOT of work, I think 1 out of 1000 photos reviewed or make it to Select. Finding photos which are REALLY beautiful (wow effect), great in terms of quality (minimal noise, good lighting, great focus, high resolution) and not overprocessed (extreme HDR or photoshop) is quite a challenge. A worthy challenge nevertheless - if a picture is worth a 1000 words, a GREAT picture is worth at least 10,000 ;)
@sageeb By the way, did I forget to mention that @benln rocks?
Very cool work. I love the image curation and the ability to see something other than just a white Google page with a search bar. Great work to the Select team!
Thanks @olivier_amar - 100% agree, seeing a beautiful photo every time you open a new tab is much more inspiring than a white page with a big search bar.