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Sejda is an online PDF productivity platform currently providing 30 different PDF tasks. It provides some of the most common tasks you would expect by this kind of service, like compress, split, merge, jpg conversion, crop and rotate but it also comes with a set of unique tasks you hardly find in competing services like split by size, split by bookmarks, alternate mix, bates numbering. Most of the tasks have a very rich set of options so you don’t just merge PDF files but you can decide what to do with bookmarks, AcroForms, you can generate a table of contents, add a white page for double side printing… you don’t just compress PDF files but you decide images resolution, quality and if you need them in color or grayscale. These are just few examples, all our tasks come with a sensible defaults for unsavvy users but a rich set of options for power users. Adding to that we have an online PDF editor where you can add pages, text, images, annotations, shapes, eSignature, you can whiteout and fill forms. Sejda has a generous free tier for occasional users, a “Free for Teachers” program and a desktop application option for those not feeling comfortable uploading their PDF files to the cloud. Sejda is based on the battle tested Sejda SDK , an open source PDF library we maintain, that crunches few millions of PDF files every month and we use also in PDFsam Basic and Visual.