Bombard your friends with Seinfeld lines via SMS

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A few months ago we made - we were a bit surprised by how many people seemed to enjoy it but after about a week we shut the site down. Recently we were watching Seinfeld reruns, and thought we should make one for Seinfeld but if we are going to do it we would need to improve it. So we present to you SeinfeldText. The improvements we have made are: 1. Works worldwide, we send out from a USA number but now everyone all over the world can use it. 2. The quotes that are sent a picked from a bucket of 4 or 5 quotes, so it appears to be more random than Kanye, Where everyone got the same quotes in the same order. 3. Submit your own quote Once again this was a weekend build without code, just Zapier, Typeform, Stripe & Wordpress. SERENITY NOW!
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
@joostschuur it's an website about nothing.
My friends are about to hate me
@samir_doshi your friends will love it. Don't forget to check Twitter to see the replies.
@samir_doshi Serenity now, insanity later
This is brilliant! We all need some Seinfeld in our lives.
@mohsinn #makingtheworldabetterplace
This sounds awesome! I love Seinfeld!