Segment Startup Program

New startups now get $25,000 of free Segment credit

We’re excited to announce the Segment Startup Program — which offers eligible early-stage startups:

1. $25,000 in Segment credits for up to 2 years

2. $1,000,000+ of startup deals to build your first stack (AWS, Google, Amplitude, Customer,io, ..)

Lets go!

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That looks cool! Definitely will apply.
What does it mean by "Located in an approved territory?"
@bhatnagar_san hey San! It means that you're located in one of these Google Cloud eligible territories:
What's the eligibility criteria?
@sagarpatil Hi Sagar! If you're a company that was incorporated less than 2 years ago, has raised no more than $5M in total funding, is located in a Google Cloud-eligible territory, and haven't received other Segment discounts, then you're eligible!! Full details on the program here: