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With one API, you can send your data to 122 analytics, product and marketing tools. E-mail with the code "HUNTER" for 3 mo. free on the startup plan. ๐Ÿ˜Š
We couldn't live without handling our tracking events. It turned our confused jumble of various tracking codes for different APIs into something we don't even think about anymore. It's so amazing being able to simply toggle on an integration, and immediately see data stream in! Unless you have many free hours to spend on setting up tracking codes, I highly recommend Segment.
@halarewich Thanks for the kind words Danny! You guys have been great to work with too. Keep hustlin' :)
Big fan. Segment enables our marketing team to do a bunch of stuff with analytics that otherwise we'd have to implement for them.
@colbyh We love us some engineers here at Segment :) I'm really glad to hear we could simplify analytics tracking for you!
I'm recommending this to everyone I work with. The amount of time and cash you can save from having to implement new tracking snippets or widgets could be significant.
@maxisnow Thanks for spreading the word Max!
I mentor startups often. I *always* end up talking about Segment to try out similar tools with comparable data and secure their transition to more powerful tools in the future.
@guillaumecabane As always we're excited to be working with you too Guillaume! Thanks for spreading the word :)