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Hi Guys, excited to be featured today. is a free trip planner that offers combos of flights + short term rental accommodation to its users. One of its key features is that it matches travellers from multiple locations to cheapest common destination city. It was first designed for long distance relationships (lovers, friends, family). All your feedback is very welcome! Hope you enjoy it!
Okay, this is pretty awesome. My family, like many, is geographically distributed, so this has incredible utility. Not sure how feasible it is, but frequent flyer point integration would be huge for folks flying M-F. They're already on the road and have a leg paid for, so hauling the family out on points for a quick getaway could be a whole thing. Or, this for medical tourism - include the cost of wisdom teeth removal for example. Lots of ways to integrate the various reasons that people travel. "Turn any surgery into a vacation!" From an enterprise perspective, companies could use this to reduce the travel burden on staff while providing a meaningful reason to do so - you could go back to NYC, or hang out with your family/boyfriend/bro in Charlotte for the same. Sorry. Got excited.
@shloky thanks Shlok! That's a great feedback for us. Regarding the frequent flyer point integration, it could only be done if the user is willing to leave his email & preferences so we carry the search query for him in the background and notify him once the results are ready (it would basically take much longer to process). Medical tourism! To be honest we never thought of it. Interesting! Finally: BtoB application are also an interesting opportunities.. Let's see in the next months if we can come up with something! Thanks again for your kind words ;)
Hi @pierrebecerril, can you explain a bit more what this does? Not completely sure from the tag line.
@levelsio right! What you can do with seeusoon is set one or several cities of departure, and our algorithm suggests the best destinations to travel to based on Airbnb & Flight Combos. Once you have chosen the destination, you can easily share the search results with your co-travellers and book directly with the provider and we don't add any fees.
Hey guys, great to see how far you've come from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London last year! Nicely done.
@tweetanor Thanks Eleanor! Good to hear from you! Are we going to see each other again in December 5/6 in London :) ?
@pierrebecerril @tweetanor We most certainly are! Unless your app tells us it would be cheaper to meet up in Paris :D
@tweetanor making 2016 European TC Disrupt in Paris might actually not be a bad idea..
I really like the idea of packaging up AirBnB with Flights but as far as I can tell, it's not really doing that. I saw a package to Beirut for $750 that said "flights + AirBnB, average price per person" but clicking into that, the flight alone was $750 and instead of showing me some AirBnB options with pricing, etc. it just gave me a link to AirBnB with a few of the search filters pre-filled out. What I was hoping to see was "Hey, you want to travel for a week in the middle of October from Calgary, that's cool, here's 10 places that you could go to and here's what each of them will cost, which includes return flights and a place to stay with AirBnB." From there you could adjust your flights and AirBnB host but the package makes it nice and simple as a jumping off point. What it does now provides very little value. But, again, I LOVE the idea and maybe this is just the stepping stone to getting there. :)
@joshuapinter Thanks for the feedback! What we do for now is to act as a meta-searcher, so the price we provide you with includes: the flights + the average price per person of an Airbnb accommodation for the dates and the number of travellers you input. The idea is that in one single search you get a pretty clear idea of the affordable destinations to go to. What's cool is that it also works for travellers departing from different cities. For now our pricing is more accurate in Europe though (flights might increase in the last result page), but we are working on improving that, as well as building a deeper integration with airbnb! Thanks again for the feedback Joshua
@pierrebecerril @joshuapinter Right on. I noticed you didn't support CAD currency so that should have been a clue to me. But I love where you're going with this. I just looked at the travel app, Lucky, where they choose your destination, AirBnB host and an activity for you, which is interesting but I think your approach is more of the sweet spot, give you a base to work from and then adjusting from there. Love where you're going!
@joshuapinter Thanks again man! And you know what: going to include CAD asap.