Seetroen glasses

Glasses that cure motion sickness

Seetroen glasses can cure motion sickness! Put them on as soon as the first symptoms occur (can be worn over prescription glasses). Wear the glasses for 10 to 12 minutes so that your senses can resynchronise. Take the glasses off and enjoy your journey.

OK... these may look a little goofy, but anyone that's ever gotten motion sick knows how terrible it can make a trip. And kids puking in the back of your car ride is equally as bad. If these work as advertised, then they're well worth the purchase.
@kristofertm eek! Those do look super funny.
@rrhoover Agreed! Although I appreciate that they made them look a little loud and futuristic vs trying to mask the functionality into "normal" looking frames. I think that usually ends up looking much worse.
But is it for real? If it is, it will be superb! also, is it going to have any other design?
Do they work for sea sickness?
I do really want to know if these are real, and if they work!
Oh god please work for video games. I may not wear this on a train because of how goofy it looks, but I would TOTALLY wear these in private if it meant I could play point-and-shoots without puking.