Convenient way to shop and buy locally when traveling

We are your personal concierge while you are traveling and shopping. See a treasure you want, take a pic and request a quote--it's that easy--we handle the rest. Want it? We "Get" it for you. The easiest way to buy locally when traveling.

Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated, as we look to build truly world class solutions.

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Really this is insanse, thank you for this. I will use for
@cafeberjer thank you! please share with other product hunters and makers.
Nice work Don! Glad to see how well this is going.
@davidbwachs appreciate it David!
Trying this
@whiletrueeat thanks please share feedback!

SeeSnapGet will call the store owner to negotiate a better overall price! If that's the case this could really be a win-win situation!


Very simple to use and solves a big problem while traveling, especially now that the airlines are strict when it comes to extra bag fees!


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