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Sandro JazzarΒ β€” Founder, Digital Labs
Preorders, biggest buzzkill EVER
Matthew BleisternΒ β€” Founder, SeeNote
@sandrojazzar Sandro, it is kind of a buzzkill! I wish we were ready to ship right away, too. We're a small team, but I know we'll we'll get there :)
Brian KennedyΒ β€” Web Developer
@sandrojazzar Argh, I thought the same thing when I saw Spring 2017. I remember as a kid I read about the game Dark Forces in a magazine, and then later that day we were at Costco and IT WAS THERE. Would love more "Surprise, it's out!" but these companies need buzz to get going.
Josh BirdwellΒ β€” Software Developer Intern, NextThought
@sandrojazzar feels the same when I see it leads to a crowd sourcing page. I'd go to Kickstarter if I wanted to back something.
Sandro JazzarΒ β€” Founder, Digital Labs
@bleistern It's just that I was ready to whip out my CC! Now you'll either have to remarket me when you launch or miss an opportunity! I don't rlly like to order something and wait, especially when it's a cool product! 😝 U should take it as a compliment! 😁 And giving out my email for updates isn't ideal either :( but I promise to keep an eye out for when u ship ;)
@sandrojazzar Ya, I would probably pull the trigger if there was an impulse. Perhaps in the future
@_birdwell @sandrojazzar I think the restriction they might've had is Kickstarter makes you have a working prototype. The video looks like its cgi?
Matthew BleisternΒ β€” Founder, SeeNote
@jorge_bestard hey Jorge! to be clear, we were never restricted from Kickstarter. We have a working prototype, but it isn't quite as camera ready as we would like. After meeting with Kickstarter and discussing the platform as part of our total strategy, the team and I felt driving direct traffic to our own site could work just as well, with the right PR. And, without giving up a chunk of our revenue to Kickstarter. No way to tell if that was the right strategy yet, haha. But very excited! More photos of our prototype coming soon but some earlier ones are already on Instagram, where you can see our story going back to some early meetings and Sunday work sessions. (Edit, to provide more information: screens are simulated, but reflect the functionality of our dev prototype)
jsbottoΒ β€” PM @ Microsoft Surface
@sandrojazzar I agree. Would love to buy it now, but would never commit to preordering tech a year in advance. It's just too likely that a bigger player will hit market first.
Austin SandmeyerΒ β€” Thinker/Student/Rockstar
I love this, I just want it NOW! Guess I'll just have to settle it with my current usage of sticky notes... πŸ™ƒ
Matthew BleisternΒ β€” Founder, SeeNote
@as_austin if we had a national ad campaign, I'd find some way to work this in. πŸ˜‚
Derek NuzumΒ β€” Product Manager | Web Developer
@as_austin I didn't think anyone else did this but me. πŸ‘Œ
Austin SandmeyerΒ β€” Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@bleistern YES! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚
Brandon BaileyΒ β€” Founder, OMB LLC
@as_austin I feel like the only reason you posted a comment was to be able to post a video. It was worth it.
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