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Thank you Ivan (@indianidle) for hunting us down. This is super exciting! Hi fellow PHers, I'm the cofounder of SeenIt. We launched 15 months ago wanting to solve a personal problem. Watching a James Bond movie we loved Daniel Craig's sunglasses and wanted the same ones. One thing led to another and we realised that hunting down products you loved was not easy. And with the world becoming more visual we're continuously seeing things we love - whether on a blogger's Instagram, browsing through Pinterest or while watching a movie or TV Show. Today we're an enthusiastic community 500,000 monthly users across the web and our iOS and PlayStore apps. I could go out on a limb and say we sit on the world's largest collection of celebrity shoppable looks - be it David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. Link to our collections: We recently launched a "Shop By Video" feature. The technology is such that while watching a YouTube video, the products in the video became shoppable as soon as they appear. It's a whole new way to shop for things you love. Here is a link to the feature: Would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to improve a user's experience on SeenIt :) PS: We're not an AI company but a community of fashion lovers that helps each other solve their dilemmas. We completely agree with Biz Stone when he said "Technology is superior when humanity is woven into its DNA." PPS: Thank you @rrhoover and the PH team for showing us the way on how to build a community. Your blogs and tips have been invaluable in our journey! Cheers! Vedanta & Saksham
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Arpan Desai
iOS & macOS Developer
Amazing product & design!
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Francis Kim
Full Stack Human
🤘 Great job! Added to:
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Tamal SenFuture is mystery
Cool concept, super cool ui. I mostly love your newsletters, fantastic.
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Harsh SnehanshuCo-founder & CEO, YourQuote
Congrats to the makers! Looks awesome.
Vedanta Kumar
Founder, SeenIt
@harshsnehanshu Thanks! We've always known that usage of a concept like SeenIt would be higher on mobile as it lends itself very well to the common interaction types seen on mobile. However, starting out, we had a bunch of hypothesis we wanted answers to (such as, will users submit links, what do they want to ask, is the Indian market ready for this etc) and a web-first approach allowed us to experiment and make quicker changes than mobile-first (app first). With all our learnings we're in the process of revamping our apps completely to deliver a better experience to our users
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