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So cooool 😮 (and one of my favorite tweets)
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Reminds me a bit of this -
Seene is one of those apps that immediately captures attention although for me, it was short lived when I first discovered it. The tech is very cool but it has a high barrier to create. The same is true for Fyuse. cc @jtzou
@rrhoover we have reengineered the app from the ground up to create a more immersive, engaging and shareable product experience. Dropping previous barriers to creation and sharing has been a key part of this change. Seene 2 simplifies the capture process into a single movement that takes less than a second, which is a major upgrade from version 1 of the app. Version 1 of Seene also incurred sharing restrictions due to format (WebGL only), so we made Seene 2 compatible with the dominant formats of the present (photo, gif, video), whilst still allowing for new outputs in the future (games, VR, 3D printing).
Snapchat just acquired Seene (because of course) http://techcrunch.com/2016/06/03...
From the company website: "Seene has developed a portfolio of advanced computer vision technologies designed from the ground up for use on mobile devices in real-time applications. We enable these devices to locate themselves in space, map visual environments, and recreate in 3D what is seen through the camera, turning a standard smartphone into a 3D scanner without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing."