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#2 Product of the DayApril 10, 2016

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This is really cool! Shows you the movies and the scene where the furniture was used and then you can buy it! May kit out my apartment like Austin Powers πŸ™ƒ You can see furniture, tech, homeware AND decor from movies/tv shows!
@bentossell are you going to get the cage, too? Asking for a friend.
Awesome, it would be great to see clothing in there as well. My favourite film is Ex Machina but everything on the set is too expensive 😟
@techtom10 I was thinking the same thing, like damn I've been waiting for this in regards to fashion!
Cool idea. Have seen a similar site that's just for Big Bang Theory (there's so much product placement in that show), but this has everything! Having just re-watched Mad Men on Netflix, it's pretty exciting to see all the furniture they use on there. Side note - needs more art, or things to go on the wall
@rossdcurrie oh good point, I'd love to get a full list of items on the set of Mad Men the art / style on that show was so fine tuned
@patrickcoombe Yeah, they have The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife on there, which is the octopus painting that hunt in Burt Cooper's office, but probably not QUITE right for my house. One of the things I've come to realise lately is that my house is pretty functional - I have only two things hanging on my walls, and between the home office setup and my general aesthetic, I could be doing more to pimp out my bachelor pad. Like even the desk I use is a throw-away u-shaped corporate-blue monstrosity that I picked up when my dad's company shut down one of their offices back in the 90's. Incredibly functional, but maybe for a couple hundred bucks at Ikea I could get something that's a litttle more tasteful
I actually really love this. As a lover of all consumer things (I have to have new things all the time), i often watch shows and think, "i wonder where that chair is from" or "what computer is that, i wonder?". Very cool idea. Love it...can't wait for more items to be added. Also, i loved the Friends section - i have ALWAYS loved their art work.
This is beautifully done with the scene photo, the pieces used & link to buy. I would like to see more categorization into season and episode though I admit there is probably a lot of repetition. I just usually like seeing pieces from an episode I just watched. I'd also like to second @techtom10 request for clothing. Surely someone must already be listing that?