Group picture messenger (Snapchat meets WhatsApp)

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We built SeeMe because our GroupMe, WhatsApp, and Snapchat conversations were not cutting it. Our group of friends are geographically dispersed, so by coupling a message with a selfie, a forward-facing shot, or a gif, we are able to see what's actually going on in our friends lives. This all comes together in an engaging feed unlike any other attempts at picture messaging apps. When you don't feel like taking a selfie you can always upload a photo, draw on someone else's photo, or add a sticker. We would love to hear your feedback and are excited to officially launch!
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Now that's a lovely app icon. Kudos to the designer!
Thanks @perteraul! We went through a couple of iterations with different colors and designs, and we are very pleased with what we landed on!
this is awesome