Write code faster and automate reports in Sheets and Slack

SeekWell is a lightweight analytical platform that helps you write code (SQL and Python) faster and automate reports and alerts in Google Sheets and Slack.

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Mike Ritchie
Hey PH! I built SeekWell because I was tired of the disconnect between writing code and sharing an analysis. I'd often "misplace" queries that were connected to a report and have to rewrite them to recreate the report. Also, coworkers that didn't know SQL / Python would have to ask for data to be updated in shared spreadsheets. SeekWell solves these problems by delivering query results directly to Google Sheets. You can schedule queries to run daily, hourly or every five minutes and automatically send the results to any Google Sheet you have access to. You can also set up queries for keys events (e.g. a new user signing up) and automatically send an alert to Slack. Our Slack integration is also able to understand your conversations and recommend code to answer the questions being posed. SeekWell adds context to your code and makes it easy to find relevant code using plain english. All of the above results in less time spent writing code and updating reports and more time spent adding value! I'll be around all day to answer questions, let me know what you think!
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@mike_seekwell Kudos to you ! I discovered this product after reading your post here
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