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Seeking Wisdom is about more than tech. It’s about learning and getting better. So it’s time we start talking about more than tech. Today we’re talking about fitness – two things that David and I are both passionate about – and two things that both hold a lot of lessons that can be related to business and growing a company. We talk about why working out has become such an important part of health and happiness, our workout routines, finding the time to workout while balancing a startup and family, progressions and more. Work in tech? We want to hear when you workout, how you make the time, what your workout routine is, what your goals are, etc. Tell us.
@davegerhardt HI Dave, love the podcast! Is it possible to provide an option to listen at a 2x speed on your site (or if you know of a podcast app that has this feature)? Ive gotten so accustom to 2x on Audible, Pocket, and Youtube for Docs. It helps me increase the amount of content I can digest. Thanks, I appreciate it and keep up the great work!
@marcosmoralez Overcast is great and allows you to do that.
@davegerhardt Sweet! Thanks for the rec downloading now!