Seeking Wisdom: All About Hiring At A Startup

David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt on startups + learning.

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Hiring is hard. Someone with the best resume on paper might turn out to be a terrible fit; someone that you love spending time with as a person might not have the exact skills you need right now. Or you might be talking to your next top performer and you just don't know it yet. But there are three hiring tips that I’ve learned from David that have been a huge help as I'm hiring a team for the first time. And they all have to do with relying on your senses -- not data: 1. Pay attention to a candidate’s body language and tone of voice. 2. Use the “morning after” test -- how do you feel immediately after you get their standard follow up email. 3. Rely on personality tests (I'm an ESTJ, David is an INTJ, for example) and how they might fit with the rest of the team We dive into hiring and those three things on this week's episode of Seeking Wisdom.
I'm currently hiring for Grok right now, and all of these tips are easily applicable to my situation. David's first tip around body language was very insightful and one I'll be using in future conversations. The "morning after" test is a must -- I would never spot hire someone without thinking it over. Lastly, the personality matching is critical to ensure that the new team member feels like a part of the group from Day 1. Great podcast.