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#3 Product of the DayApril 06, 2018

Seeker is a really easy way for people to create a paid job board for their sites. Whether you create content, maintain a community, or write open-source software, Seeker is a quick and easy way to integrate a job board into your sites.

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Hello PH! Thanks Jonathan for hunting this! After working on Interface Lovers and embedding Panda Jobs within it, I realized that every content-driven site should have an easy way to advertise jobs on their site. Whether it's an online community, blog, or even open source documentation, I wanted a simple way for people to get started with a job board. Feel free to give me any and all feedback. I'm here to listen and also answer any questions you may have.
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Very cool. I plan to use this product but I have some feedback. 1) Ability for users to sign up for mailing list to get notified of new jobs 2) Ability for admin to post jobs for free. Right now our site looks very empty and it costs money to add anything.
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@asharq I appreciate the feedback! Thank you!
So many companies (or small side projects) build their own jobs directory (we have one!). Smart idea to productize this, @kwuchu. One of the biggest challenges with job boards is selling inventory (for those that are trying to make $$$). Are you planning to build a distributed jobs marketplace on the backend?
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, I appreciate the kind words! As for building a distributed jobs marketplace in the back-end, it's something I hadn't necessarily thought of. For a distributed jobs marketplace, it's hard for figuring out how that would work. If it gets submitted to ProductHunt's job board, should ProductHunt get paid for the job and it still shows up in other job boards / areas? That was a hard question to answer and it also raises the question of how payouts would work as well. I do believe that its possible this could be a next step that users could opt-in to though.
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Well done! I've looked for a similar services / business models before and couldn't find anything. Perhaps it would be nice to be able to auto fill in some jobs from indeed or somewhere to help people get started?
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@swetzequity Hey, thanks Zach! Auto-fill sounds like a pretty good idea! I'll take note of it, thanks for the suggestion!
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@swetzequity It's true that there isn't anything lightweight to use. It's either Wordpress themes/plugins or SaaS software (that's quite expensive).
Knowing Iheanyi for a while, seeing a product like this take off is excellent. He has a eye for design and is known among his peers to scratch the itches he sees. I'm personally ready to start using Seeker to start moving content to my subscribers and site visitors alike. Excellent work, Iheanyi!
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@jackyalcine Thanks dude. ❤️
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