Pokemon GO for those who prefer to look for cash

Seek is the shit. I don't know why it's nearly impossible to find on Product Hunt! It's an amazing app, and the app I use most on my phone. I've won cash, amusement park tickets and more. What have you won on Pokemon GO?

  • Matt Mayberry
    Matt MayberryHacking Human Behavior at @BoundlessAI

    Fun alternative to Pokemon Go


    The AR UX can be a little glitchy

    Great alternative for people looking for an AR gaming experience that isnt PokemonGo. Some of the prizes take a long time to collect and the UX can be a little glitchy. Excited to see where this team takes the product. Good luck!

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  • Henk Holveck
    Henk HolveckSupreme leader of Haus of Holveck

    Easy to play, great prizes and not super time consuming.


    Some prizes have a lot of fragments that require luck and lots of collection.

    Seek is awesome, it gets me out of the house and on my feet.

    Henk Holveck has used this product for one year.
Looks cool - I'll have to try it out. By the way, great video.
Hilarious video! Going to give Seek a try :)
Hahahaa love the video! :D great concept, will check it out :)