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Talking camera for the blind, by Microsoft

#1 Product of the DayJuly 12, 2017
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I love seeing apps like this being released!
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@bentossell I see what you did there 👏🏼
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This is impressive (watch the video). The app describes objects/people/etc in audio. Examples: - It can identify a woman throwing a frisbee - Tell you how much money you're holding (one vs. five dollar bill) - Read nutritional info - Even describe images people share on Twitter (but can it do GIFS? 🤔) This reminds me of one of the most popular apps in the early days of Product Hunt, Be My Eyes, which takes a human approach to the same problem.
@rrhoover Nice! Love seeing companies build products like this to help people. A company like CloudFactory might really be able to help them help others. 😄
It's incredible how the shift to AI and voice interface is drastically advancing the UX Designers approach to this type of app! At Venture Beats Mobile Conference, yesterday, I was talking to a guy from Amazon about using visual interfaces to recognize contacts for LinkedIn, etc. This has great application even beyond visual impairment, so it's really good to see Microsoft thinking about very real problems. My only complaint is how unnatural the voice sounds. It's about the only thing Siri has been destroying the competition at.
Well 👏 done 👏 Microsoft 👏
But can it tell me if something is/is not a hotdog?