Our wide-ranging conversation touches on: If the bubble is bursting for tech investments. How founders are struggling to close the gap between the metrics they believe will warrant series A funding and the metrics VC’s behind series A rounds are looking for. His tips for founders trying to ensure they’ve found the right product-market fit (14:45) Is the classic series A round returning, and how startup founders should navigate fundraising between seed and series A today. The difference in money for equity versus convertible notes and what fundraising is better for a startup’s long-term future (19:30). His thoughts on dirty term sheets and Bill Gurley’s recent piece on them (25:00). Why chatbots like Locent may be the next big thing for digital health (34:00). How Motiv and KindlyCare are planning to disrupt the digital health space. What’s next in China and what Chinese startups are coming to the U.S (41:00). His one tip for entrepreneurs just getting started with a business today.