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Hey everyone! I'm Chintan, co-founder of SeedFeed. We've been working on this for a while and we're finally ready to show it off to the world. Would love thoughts/feedback!
Interesting idea, how do you pull your sources/data and how do you aggregate this info to decide a proper investment versus a bogus seed? I guess the question is how do I know the "investment(s)" are valid and viable?
@mykecheckonetwo Hey Myke, thanks for checking it out. Our team curates our sources from well known CFRE platforms with a great track record (RealCrowd, PatchofLand, Fundrise, etc).
Interesting idea. Not sure how it would work, but nevertheless cool idea!
Very cool idea!
Wow! Seems to be a great product! I'm new to the real estate investment world! To start investing effectively, I gonna use help you financial advisors from . I guess, your product will be useful for me!