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As a bit of customer development... which topics would you love to hear more about? Also, just wanted to extend a big thank you to all the startup community that is so supportive and is willing to give feedback to founders which make this possible.
@cee Awesome podcast Carlos and @oliwesbiz, I'm already hooked; I liked the Reshma & Carlos Take On series. We started our own tech podcast with a couple of friends in Honduras and we how hard and important is to keep a podcast weekly and active. Answering your question the topics that I love are the founders tips/hacks; like how to get A players co-founders, what to do to take the most on your board, how to handle scale, etc. Keep the good job :)
@crisgarner @cee Thanks Cristian! What's your podcast? We definitely have more Reshma & Carlos Take On episodes planned so 'stay tuned'! Also have a browse through the 'casts because there are a couple already that cover building teams and scaling. Building a strong Board is one on our list though. Thanks for the feedback :)
@oliwesbiz it's named Hora del Tech (spanish pun of Tea Time), we been recording for about 2 months and so far we have only interviews with local talent and some founders tips :)
@crisgarner @cee Ah, if only I spoke Spanish! That's great. Keep going! :)
@oliwesbiz @cee haha thanks! yeah we know, there are hundreds of good podcast in english but there are few in spanish, thats why we started :)
So awesome! Love that @mubashariqbal made this possible! :) I was a guest and talked to @cee and @oliwesbiz in Episode 22, well done guys!
@bramk That was a good one! It was super insightful hearing how you achieved the #1 Product Hunt-ed product with StartupStash. For anyone considering Hunting their product, check it out!
@bramk Thanks for the suggestion & intro ;-)
Hi Product Hunters! Oli here from Seedcamp. At the start of the year we decided to give podcasting a go so that we could share the insights of our network with the world. 6 months and 37 episodes later, we think we have a pretty valuable resource for anyone working in startups; as a founder, employee or investor. The podcast is hosted by our Partner, Carlos Espinal. He speaks to leading founders and investors to hear their story and find out what lessons they learned along the way. Listen online: Subscribe on iTunes: I hope you enjoy listening. Please let us know if you have any feedback :) **We're using Feedsites (hunted yesterday!) to turn our Soundcloud RSS stream into the site. Check them out: Thanks! Oli
@oliwesbiz Great podcast! Maybe tie in an RSS driven newsletter and an email opt-in. I'm not a fan of using iTunes for podcasts, but getting something in my inbox when you publish a new episode would be very welcome. Quick comment: Clicking on episode titles on desktop doesn't work, so I assumed it would maybe do something in iOS with the Soundcloud app, but nothing there either.
@dan_e_gray @oliwesbiz Thanks for the feedback, Dan! Yes, we'd love to send an automated email to a subscribed group when published - do you have any recommendations of ways to do this? Also agree that it would seem intuitive for titles to click through to the Soundcloud track. That's a limitation of Feedsites for the moment, but I'll see if it's possible to make that change.
@oliwesbiz If you were doing this through Wordpress it would be very simple to set up: Just set up a Mailchimp RSS driven campaign and hook it up with a SumoMe or OptinMonster capture widget using their plugins. I don't know how easy it is to augment a Feedsites page (I'd imagine impossible, even). Definitely something worth considering when you would pay less to have the same capability run through Wordpress.
@oliwesbiz If you're using MailChimp you can grab the signup popup widget code and drop it right in the footer. Haven't tried SumoMe, but should work the same. Deeper integration with MailChimp to use the embedded form is coming sooooooon. @dan_e_gray: Thanks for the suggestions
@mubashariqbal @oliwesbiz Thanks for the reply Mubashar! I'd assumed based on a quick look at the Feedsides page that it was limited in customisation in favour of deployment speed and simplicity. Building in social share buttons and a subscriber capture form would definitely be helpful there.
Big fan of the podcast, always has some very useful nuggets in it!
@damienshiells Thanks Damien! Glad you find it helpful :)
@damienshiells Thank you Damien!
Guys, thanks for sharing this one. Instant download as I driving back & forth next two days. Really apprecite the share!
@mskakala Glad to help, Martin! Hope you enjoy. Do let us know if you have any feedback :)