A new way to discover streaming movies and shows.

Seed&Spark is a new way to explore and support movies and shows from independent creators. Rather than cold algorithms, it's an experience more like having a video store employee (remember those?!) make some picks based on YOU.

Forget endlessly scrolling for something to watch, and have some fun.

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Hi all! When looking at the streaming landscape, there's so much stuff to watch that it's often hardest just to find something you might actually enjoy. We've gotten used to relying on algorithms for recommendations or leaning too heavily onto known context (like an actor or the blockbuster that we see an ad for every single time we go online), which takes away from the delight and adventure of discovering new films. So the team at Seed&Spark wanted to create a new way to easily and quickly start exploring a streaming library that was a a lot more fun. Because fun is important in making change in the entertainment industry. And our mission to make an entertainment platform where everyone belongs (and where creators can build sustainable careers). Providing a delightful exploration experience that breaks the mold of external context (a movie's marketing budget or the hot actress du jour) and centers it around YOU (ya know, the person looking for something to watch). Would love to know what you think of this beta quiz experience (and if you find any movies or shows you love in the process)!
been a subscriber for about a year. S&S is great. Keep it up!
@lemayjoe Thanks Joe! Did you find new things to watch in the quiz experience?
Already loved Seed & Spark! This'll be very helpful when deciding what to watch.
@kendallhtucker Thanks Kendall! Would love to hear if you found any new titles through the quiz.
Cool idea! Though execution doesn't feel useful. I didn't feel the questions asked anything that'd get to know me adequately so that I'd trust the results. I got better results when I took it again, trying different answers.