A database of seed accelerators and their companies.

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YC is so much of an outlier on every dimension, it's not fair to even call them an "accelerator".
@far33d YC was so early, and so aggressive in scaling that the sheer number of companies they've funded means they've found some great ones. I think others will get close as they scale; notably Techstars which is only just now starting to fund about as many companies per year as YC. (Disclosure: I joined Techstars recently in a product management / data science role, so I could be considered biased.)
@far33d not necessarily on "every dimension". The largest exit of an "accelerated company" is MoPub, which went through AngelPad.
I've been a huge fan of this (and of @jedc who created it) for years. Really useful insight. It's also interesting that they include a 'development roadmap' - something I've considered making public for Hitlist ( as well.
@gillianim Thanks! I just wish I had the time to execute more quickly on my roadmap. :/
@jedc you and me and everyone we know...
Hey, everyone. Founder of Seed-DB here. I'm adding data almost every week to help make sure this is the most comprehensive DB of accelerators and their companies that exists.
@jedc hiya! thanks for compiling this list. I don't see 500 Startups listed on here :)
@poornima it's there! Just down the list a bit. Direct link-
@jedc Thanks for including 500!
Helpful resource - We're going to highlight demo days for all the top accelerators so reach out to me if you're one.
Glad this is still being updated, has been around for a while hope the data is pretty reliable