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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2018

Seed allows you to store and validate your ideas. You can browse through the seed feed to give feedback to other users' ideas.


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    Razvan Gabriel ApostuFounder @ConnSuite, Designer & Developer

    Great place submit for feedback or surf for interesting ideas!


    Will need more testing but maybe privacy for ideas and UX?

    I enjoy surfing your feed in order to scout for interesting ideas or find something that would spark a little brainstorming session in my mind. One thing you could do is think about the privacy of the idea. What gives the maker/thinker the trust that his/her idea won't be stolen if it is a good one? Even if the maker recognizes the threat when posting, some kind of an NDA functionality or similar should be implemented. Also you can think about privding a way for people to contact the publisher of the idea to facilitate finding co-founders or people who would offer to work on the same idea.

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Yann@yannschaub · Product Design
Having to sign up in order to use the search/filter? That must be the biggest growth-hack I've seen so far this year 😁
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@yannschaub or the biggest barrier to entry?
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@yannschaub it's actually an implementation mistake :P we are getting rid of it.
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@yannschaub @mickc79 it's fixed now.
Ognjen Vukovic@vforvukovic · UA @FourDots @Reportz @Dibz
This is nice! I like the idea. Wish you all the luck! :)
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@vforvukovic thanks!
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO,
Cool idea. It’d be awesome if in addition to ratings for Originality & Difficulty there was one for Value. e.g. The Beard Attachments one might be very original and low difficulty, but its value is debatable. 😉
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@imakestrides that's an interesting one. The value part might be tricky to evaluate by the publisher. Might be equivalent to the number of lightbulbs 😉?
Vlad Korobov@vladkorobov · Product Manager
@frantzlight Do you have tags to mark ideas? With what tech did you do the search?
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@frantzlight @vladkorobov no tags at the moment. would consider implementing it if it's well received. Elastic search.
JJ Coleman@jjcoleman97 · Student, observer, Indie Hacker ✌
Looks nice! Is there a way to unvote? I've clicked on a vote "light bulb" on accident, there doesn't seem to me a way to undo that, on mobile at least.
John KuoMaker@johnkuorevy · Conspirator, Seed
@jjcoleman97 not at the moment. it's in the next revision though.