Store and validate your ideas in one place πŸ’‘

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2018

Seed allows you to store and validate your ideas. You can browse through the seed feed to give feedback to other users' ideas.

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Having to sign up in order to use the search/filter? That must be the biggest growth-hack I've seen so far this year 😁
@yannschaub or the biggest barrier to entry?
@yannschaub it's actually an implementation mistake :P we are getting rid of it.
@yannschaub @mickc79 it's fixed now.

I enjoy surfing your feed in order to scout for interesting ideas or find something that would spark a little brainstorming session in my mind. One thing you could do is think about the privacy of the idea. What gives the maker/thinker the trust that his/her idea won't be stolen if it is a good one? Even if the maker recognizes the threat when posting, some kind of an NDA functionality or similar should be implemented. Also you can think about privding a way for people to contact the publisher of the idea to facilitate finding co-founders or people who would offer to work on the same idea.


Great place submit for feedback or surf for interesting ideas!


Will need more testing but maybe privacy for ideas and UX?

@razgraf thank you for the feedback. The privacy issue is an interesting one. The original idea was to publish and get feedback asap. Having an NDA in place before viewing an idea might reduce the likelihood of someone giving out feedback. Then again, we will need to play around with it. Connecting people to work on the idea is a great idea!
Yeah, I also think privacy is something to integrate; how about twitter or other social media integration for singing up, I may want to try it in the place but even the minimum time on filling the register form and validating an email could be detrimental to the experience.
Yeah, needs more privacy so you don't share some of your ideas.
This is nice! I like the idea. Wish you all the luck! :)
Cool idea. It’d be awesome if in addition to ratings for Originality & Difficulty there was one for Value. e.g. The Beard Attachments one might be very original and low difficulty, but its value is debatable. πŸ˜‰
@imakestrides that's an interesting one. The value part might be tricky to evaluate by the publisher. Might be equivalent to the number of lightbulbs πŸ˜‰?
@frantzlight Do you have tags to mark ideas? With what tech did you do the search?
@frantzlight @vladkorobov no tags at the moment. would consider implementing it if it's well received. Elastic search.