The smart bottle that never forgets about you

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I tweeted yesterday that I just don't understand the recent obsession with 'smart water bottles' I keep a water bottle with me most of the time and drink a lot of water. Following the 4hour work week for a while helped me get into a water routine, and since then it's easy. It's not hard to remember to drink. Are we really getting that bad that we need reminds to drink water?!
@bentossell likewise... although I'd be more interested in seeing a graph of water consumption throughout the day/week. Just out of curiosity really (not a big fan of this bottle design though)
I don't understand the reminder feature, If you are not thirsty why you need to drink water when it reminds you.
@shams_okz because our body and mind are very bad at telling us what we need. Otherwise the thousands of chronically stiff humans across the globe would be practicing yoga every day - but sometimes we don't. A reminder doesn't hurt. ;)
I forget to drink and by the time I do feel thirsty it means I am usually dehydrated which really makes me feel rubbish leading to zero productivity. I bought the thermos smart bottle in the hope that it would help me change my drinking habit but it's rather unreliable so not working for me yet. The app with it gave loads of data about sips, time etc and supposedly synced to my Fitbit app but really I just need to be reminded so could put a recurring alarm on my surge/phone. Probably overkill but having looked at this product it is so much better than the thermos version. Seriously tempted!
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