See Where I'm Travelling

Make beautiful travel animation videos fast and easy

With Swit you can make beautiful travel animations and post it on Instagram or any other social media account.
Or use the videos for your travel diary/video to illustrate were you went.
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I'd use it in Android :)
@fabiopradolima i already thought about that! my android/java/kotlin programming skills are pretty basic - so not in a near future sorry :(
Awesome tool for creators 🙌 Are users able to customise the colour palettes of maps?
@lachlankirkwood you can switch between the normal apple maps layout, satellite and hybrid mode - im not sure if apple maps support custom colours
Great job!! 😊 can we use this on ppt or websites? Is it free cause it something we always wanted to have or have seen on television but in reality it's difficult without having technical or designing knowledge
@ayush_chandra Thank you very much! if there is a small reference to the app i don't have a problem with it and it is always welcome - but i don't know what license terms of apple maps look like.
Minor pet peeve. If you are travelling West, the departing icon shouldn't be "taking off" towards the East. Looks odd. :)
@joshuapinter Thank you very much joshua for your input! Do I get it right that you mean the little white symbol in the red bubble?
@enttom Yup, that's right!
I've always wanted an interactive way of showing people what I'm up to on my trips. This seems like a step in the right direction.
@golear Thank you very much for your kind words!