See Memo

Create custom widgets for your website in minutes.

With See Memo, you can create custom widgets for your website in minutes. Offer helpful hints or gather feedback with simple but flexible widgets.
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Already been using this product, has been very slick and simple to use!
@simon_labahn1 Thanks for providing feedback along the way! Much appreciated 😊
Easy to implement, customisable widgets for your site. Don't need to be a developer to add these widgets in minutes.
Super simple to use and implement! πŸ‘
Very easy to get to grips with this product, I can see myself using these widgets a lot going forward.
@alex_obrien That's great to hear! If there's anything you need feel free to give me a nudge 😊
Thanks for creating this. As someone who is setting up a website and doesn't have developer skills, this both saves me time and makes my website look more professional already.
@jm_lieskovsky Look forward to having you create widgets! 😊