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Free screen sharing and video conferencing in Slack

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You can now video conference and share your desktop, iPhone or Android screens with your Slack colleagues. Just install the SEE app into your Slack and type /see command. You'll get a link back to instantly start a session. No need to register or login.
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    Easy to use


    not found any yet, just started using it

    great to instantly connect with friends

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Ravi Damani
Ravi DamaniMaker@ravi_damani · See - Share your screen with friends
Hi Hunters! We built a simple way for anyone to video conference and screen share on Slack for free. You just install our app into your Slack app. Type /see and you'll get a link that you can tap to screen share and video conference. Best of all you can screen share your iPhone and Android phone as well as your desktop. Web version works on Chrome (with a Chrome extension) and Firefox without the need for a desktop app download and installation. We hope you find this useful. We'd love to know your thoughts and what you are using See for. There is also more help at Ravi
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Doesn't Slack already give you video conference and screen share for free?
Ravi Damani
Ravi DamaniMaker@ravi_damani · See - Share your screen with friends
@joshdance Slack doesn’t support video calls or screeensharing on iOS, Android or Web. They do have it in their Slack desktop apps and even in these group calls are part of the Slack paid plan. Here is their info on where it works