Slack community for cyber-security professionals world-wide

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Just like many of the other Slack-based communities, we’ve created one that’s specific for cyber-security professionals. If you’re interested in all things security, be sure to join in on the conversation. If you’d like, reach out and let us know what topics you’d love to see happening continually in the chat.
It was about time for a security related product to be submitted on PH. I love this. Since i've been working in the information security field for 8 years, i'm really excited to join this community.
@amvlad Thanks! The invite has been sent, talk to you at the community.
Hey friends, this was a ton of fun to design! And just as a heads up, a more mobile-friendly design will be implemented soon. Although I'm not a huge security buff or in-the-know like many others, I love the bittersweet-ness to security. It is both a powerful and scary tool. As we continue to advance in technology, I'm looking forward to seeing how internet security shifts and the direction it does.