Securify Messenger for iMessage

Send extremely high-encrypted one-way messages via iMessage

Securify makes it easy to send extremely high-encrypted one-way messages via iMessage.
Features: End-to-End Encryption, Password Encryption, Secure Authentication, Self-Destructive Messages, Timers, Expiration Dates & Times, Screenshot Notifications and more!
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Neat, is iMessage itself not encrypted though? I thought Apple was touting its security awhile back.
@christopher_lee4 Hi Christopher, our goal for the Securify Messenger was to develop the most secure messenger in the world. We fought 4 months with the Apple Store Review Team to get into the Apple Store. Apple didn't want the user to think they wouldn't be safe without the Securify Messenger. We weren't allowed to use words like "end-to-end encryption" and had to remove most of our encryption related descriptions. We also ended up omitting the entire part of the App Store description that described our encryption. Here's a modified part of it: • 1st security layer - Securify Protocol (asymmetric encryption): All your messages are end-to-end encrypted using our Securify Protocol. Each Securify message you send is individually encrypted. Our Securify Protocol is based on the technical specifications of the Signal Protocol. We have further improved the technical specifications and implemented them into the Securify Messenger. • 2nd security layer - AES-256 encryption (symmetric encryption): Your end-to-end encrypted messages and other metadata are symmetrically encrypted with AES-256 in CBC mode. For each Securify conversation, a new symmetric key is generated that is exchanged using the asymmetric encryption. • 3rd security layer - Password encryption (symmetric encryption): You can additionally encrypt your Securify message with a password. To derive an encryption key from your password we use PBKDF2 with 100,000 iterations by default. You can optionally increase the number of iterations to up to 10,000,000. You can delete active sessions through the session management. All keys for asymmetric and symmetric encryption will be deleted as well. You can decide when new keys are deleted and exchanged. In addition, there are some other processes in our security protocol that we cannot reveal. Apart from that, an attacker can easily steal sensitive information from your iMessage history. All your iMessage messages are stored in plain text on your device. Securify messages, when sent or read, disappear from your iMessage history after 2 minutes. Even if Securify messages are kept, they are no longer accessible. The keys used to decrypt a message no longer exist after decryption. There are much more things we would like to address here, but we’ll save them for future blog posts.
Hi there! What do you think about the Securify Messenger? Pros and cons are very welcome :)
@baran_em1 I like the illustrations and the concept, I just am not sold that it's more secure than iMessage already is. Btw, I actually just launched a market research service if you want to get feedback on the concept. It's $12 for 100 responses, and you can follow-up with people based on how they answered. I'll pass you $12 in free credits if you want to give it a shot. It's at Anyway it may help you validate it or find your first adopters, you could ask "How secure do you feel iMessage is?" or "Does this image (your landing page/splash screen) make you feel like this service is very secure?" Best of luck! Hope that helps.