Encryption as a service for mobile, web and IoT applications

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Karthik Bhat
Karthik BhatMaker@karthikvbhat · CEO, SecureDB
Thanks @djug for hunting us. Thanks @rrhover for building this platform. Hello ProductHunters - This is Karthik Bhat, CEO of SecureDB. The goal of SecureDB is simple: to make enterprise grade encryption simple, fast and affordable to everyone. We make it easy for developers to encrypt User Profiles (Identity data), Custom Fields and Files - without writing a single line of crypto code. Adoption of encryption is not going to increase until simple and easy to use developer tools are built for it. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Hope you guys like it. Please check out the demo videos and make use of our special offer for PH. Let’s all together make encryption a priority!
Elliot Volkman
Elliot Volkman@deleted-85410 · Reporter, Nonprofit Founder
I had the pleasure of interviewing Karthik about a year ago about what he's building, and the guy really knows his stuff. He's helping to add layers of security that would otherwise take months of work and expenses some companies just don't want to put forward.