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A pain-free service to add SSL to your site, for non-geeks

If your website doesn't have the green lock icon, you may get shameful looks from customers and search engines. Don't panic, you just need an SSL certificate! How do you get one of those? They usually have an annual fee and can be hard to install, until now! With SMW you get a FREE Lifetime SSL Cert and we install it for you too! πŸ€—πŸ”’

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The idea for this product came to me in October 2017 after hearing about Google Chrome Version 68 that will "shame" webmasters into securing their websites if they aren't already. πŸ‘€ When I first started building websites over 20 years ago, obtaining an SSL certificate was costly, difficult, and confusing. Not a whole lot changed until just the past couple of years where you can now get an SSL certificate for Free. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Despite the nice new price-tag of $0, I repeatedly noticed while working with clients, that very few of them have the technical knowledge to install the certificate correctly and not mess up their sites or SEO. Hence, Secure My Website was born. πŸš€ I believe in a secure Internet that protects the privacy of all users, so I am not ashamed to admit that I like that Google is shaming website operators into securing their sites. Thanks for checking this out and I look forward to any feedback or questions! This is just getting off the ground, and customer feedback is important... **** So, for Product Hunt commenters who leave valuable feedback, we'll offer our $49 or $69 package for FREE through July 21, 2018! 🏷πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ****
@sharphue This is the solution for private blogs and SME's. Thanks!
@raymond_zwarts Thank you for taking the time to check it out! You hit the nail on the head for the target audience who may benefit the most. Small businesses and freelancers absolutely come to mind. Those folks are much less likely to have a technical person on staff. Let us know if you're interested in taking advantage of the Product Hunt special for a no-cost HTTP to HTTPS website conversion!
@sharphue yeah why not... Im interested.
@raymond_zwarts I look forward to it! Would you please go ahead and fill out the form here and mention Product Hunt? We'll be in touch to schedule the consultation with you soon:
Great idea. I've tried installing let's encrypt myself, but it's not that straight forward. Do you guys support wildcard SSL from let's encrypt?
@thijs_sondag That's cool you mention Let's Encrypt πŸ‘Œ They changed the whole game and their certs are what Secure My Website is based on. Tackling the command line to get a cert installed can be a bit tricky -- I totally know what you mean, and I'm glad somebody said it. Preach! πŸ“£ We are still getting our bearings on the wildcard SSL from Let's Encrypt since it's only a few months old. That's a great idea to offer a support package for wildcard. Let me know if you're interested in getting some free support for your installing your single SSL site, as a thank you for valuable feedback!
Is it a product or just a service?
@alexander_boykov I believe it is a service, the ssl cert itself here is actually free, what @sharphue offer is the serbice of installation with the proper set up of the ssl cert in accordance to the website of the customer.
@alexander_boykov @jasonser Thank you Jason for clarifying for Alexander. You are correct this is a service and I saw your other post below with a similar very clear understanding of this service and why it helps to have experts to assist customers, especially if they are non-technical.
@sharphue Love this solution, sign me up! Also I'd be interested in a package combing SSL, WP Updates, Daily WP Backups and Site Recovery. On the horizon?
@aric_boyles Aric, fantastic question, and I appreciate you filling out our website form. I'll be in touch with you soon there. To answer your question, we do have a package that combines all of that. In fact, it's our basic web hosting plan for WordPress Websites. We are a WP Engine Reseller and provide all of the items you mentioned above, included in the hosting package, for $300/year (a 17% discount compared to if you buy directly from WP Engine).
Love this! Is there a step by step guide or videos to walk someone through the process?
@talantorriero I appreciate your question -- based on your question we just created a guide that walks through the methodology and approach we take when we assist you with SSL Installation. It's behind an e-mail capture, so I will shoot you a private message with the link!
@sharphue I don't mind the email capture. Can I get access to this as well?