Secure localStorage data with encryption and compression



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kushagra gour@chinchang457 · A creative Human!
Neat! Though, how is the encryption secret key secured on the client?
Varun MalhotraMaker@s0ftvar · Software Engineer, Wingify
@chinchang457 I agree that it's not completely secured and nothing can be fully secured if it's entirely on client side. But yes the secret key is 33 chars long, generated using PBKDF2 password key function. User will have to dig a little deeper to find it as it's not present in the source code directly.
Evan Sims@evansims · Co-founder, Droveio
This is great! I was just writing localStorage support into a project last night and considering adding an encryption layer to it. Looks like I won't have to do that myself now, thanks!
Varun MalhotraMaker@s0ftvar · Software Engineer, Wingify
@evansims Cool! Served the purpose of making it :)
Varun MalhotraMaker@s0ftvar · Software Engineer, Wingify
Hi Hunters, secure-ls helps in securing localStorage data with high level of encryption and data compression. Some notable features: 1. Secure data with various types of encryption including AES, DES, Rabbit and RC4. (defaults to Base64 encoding). Secret-key, if not custom, is also secured using PBKDF2. 2. Compress data before storing it to localStorage to save extra bytes (defaults to true). 3. Advanced API wrapper over localStorage API, providing other basic utilities. 4. Save data in multiple keys inside localStorage and secure-ls will always remember it's creation.
Apoorv Saxena@apoorv_saxena · Co-Founder, PerfAudit
@s0ftvar great API implementation, very well documented as well.
Varun MalhotraMaker@s0ftvar · Software Engineer, Wingify
@apoorv_saxena Glad you like it :)