Sections Wireframe Kit

Biggest library of layouts for web prototyping

Sections includes all the necessary screens for creating landing pages, portfolios and many more web UX projects.

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Sections is made up of a large set of screens consisting of popular categories. This web UX screens will help you quickly create a prototype for web services. You can easily customize the style for your project with Sketch, Figma and Photoshop. 🔥 Features • 330+ Layouts • Light & Dark • Material Iconset • Google Fonts • Bootstrap 4 Grid 💎 Sketch App • Sketch Library • Nested Symbols • Text Styles • Layer Styles • Resize Options 💠 Figma • Components • Text Styles • Layer Styles • Resize Options 🅿️ We also have a version for Adobe Photoshop users ⚡️ 50% discount - use promo code "PH50» 🕹 Full Presentation
looks amazing - great job!!
@euros thank you 😊