Secrets 3

Simple and secure password manager for Mac and iOS

Secrets 3 is a simple and secure password manager and private vault for Mac and iOS. New features in version 3 include: File attachments, custom icons support, spelling out secrets, iPad keyboard shortcuts, and new modern encryption.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Secrets 3.0 is finally available and delivers on many of the top requested features! • Attach files to your items for safe keeping. • Assign custom icons to any item • Spell out your Secrets for easy sharing • Keyboard shortcuts for the iPad • Updated storage format with modern cryptographic algorithms Check our blog post ( for a more detailed description. Secrets is free to use for up to 10 items. If you're already using Secrets, you can update today. Let us know what you think!
Yury MolodtsovPR for tech startups and VC firms
Paulo, the new version looks really good! I remember Secrets when it was first announced but decided to keep 1Password then. Now it makes me think. It's not that clear from the website if the iOS app uses the new password API or only works via the share sheet — could you clarify please?
@y_molodtsov hey Yury. Indeed it uses the new Password Autofill feature introduced on iOS 12. The share sheet is still there for older iOS, but the new mechanism is definitely the way to go. The little video on the AutoFill section at is already showing the Password Autofill!
Great Product! Simple and yet powerful, very stable, I have being using it for a year! Before I was using 1Password, it was a great decision to switch to Secrets 😀
Hasan DiwanJackson St. Capital
Is this open-source?
@hasan_diwan no it is not. But the storage format use open standards and is described here: