Secrets 2

Simple, secure password manager for Mac and iOS

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Secrets 2 is out and it's going Freemium! For the past 6 months since our Product Hunt debut we've been squashing bugs, implementing features that didn’t make our MVP and applying polish throughout. At the same time, we’ve been studying various options to provide a trial for users wanting to test Secrets before buying. To address this need and to show users new to password managers just how easy and efficient using one can be, we're making Secrets and all its features free to use with up to 10 items. Unlocking unlimited items is done via an In-App purchase. So if you haven't tried Secrets yet now is the time! Download Secrets for Mac and iOS today.
@pfandrade_ does it encrypt everything before syncing? I seem to remember there was an issue with 1pswd as they only encrypted the actual pswd but not the user name.
@tomflemming yes. Everything is encrypted. Both on your local drive and when using iCloud Sync.
It's great to see Secrets is a standalone service and not one of those attempts to get user to subscribe. Much enjoying the simplicity. It would be great to see options for frequently used logins especially on iOS version although using the safari extension is equally as effective. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I've been using Secrets for 5 months and it's phenomenal. The attention to detail and responsiveness from the makers is excellent. I can't recommend Secrets enough.
$30 for exactly what differences? PGP and UI? Come on guys..
@san_picciarelli Comparing to what? What other options are you considering other than Secrets?
@joantune @san_picciarelli Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass...
What are the advantages of this product vs let's say 1Password?
@joantune By using an open standard to store your data besides being as transparent as possible on the storage format which you can verify on your own using third party tools (we have a post about that we also benefit for the scrutiny OpenPGP as been through. We also wanted to make a simpler and safer option (and in our eyes, more pleasant to look at) to existing password managers.
@pfandrade_ does it also sync the passwords across devices? How? How much per month do we have to pay for that?
@joantune Yes. You can sync via iCloud with other Macs and iPhones/iPads. There's no subscriptions. Just a one-time purchase for the Mac version and another for the iOS version.
@pfandrade_ what are the purchase options for Mac? I noticed ios is an in app purchase to upgrade the free version.
@tomflemming the Mac also has an in-app purchase to upgrade.