Keep your secrets safe. A new password client for the Mac.

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A promising new password manager for Mac and iOS. Looks great. But I hope for a trial version soon, as it's a bit too expensive to try and see if it can lure me away from my beloved 1Password.
@t55 The fact that we couldn't offer iCloud Sync in a separate trial download made us choose this route. But we understand the need for trials, and we're working on it ;)
@pfandrade_ Good to hear that! Secrets has the looks, the functionality and the price to be a great choice for people looking for more basic password-apps than powerhouse tools like 1Password. But a trial is essential.
@t55 @pfandrade_ I know 1Password is comprehensive, but I don't feel like it's overwhelming at all. What do y'all say is the draw here away from a product already firmly established?
@andym_dc @t55 With Secrets we put security first. Secrets stores your data using the OpenPGP standard, a battle proven standard that has already seen a few revisions. This also allows users to easily self verify how their data is stored using third party tools. We also strived to make it extremely simple to work with, not just from an UX perspective but also from a security perspective. By not having browser extensions and helper apps that ask you for your passphrase we're reducing the attack vectors on your data. Note that we still have a browser auto fill feature, we just do it from outside the browser by using other OS features. Not having code running in your browser was a goal from the get go. There are features in progress that will set us further apart from the rest of the pack. We're a small studio and we feel our MVP is this... so we're running with it! Subscribe to our newsletter on our website ( and we'll let you know when these features become available.
@pfandrade_ @t55 An in-app purchase for more than 2 or 3 passwords might be a good way to do a 'trial'
Looks nice, but to lure me away from 1Password, is it possible to offer an import from 1Password feature? Or is that impossible due to the nature of the beast?
@craigcpaterson It's there, alongside a few others. Just choose File -> Import -> 1Password from the menu bar. You just need to export your data first.
@pfandrade_ thanks for the info. I look forward to there being a downloadable demo to try it out.
Edit: 1Pass import does exist. Very nice! 👏🏻
As much as I love 1Password, alternatives are always a good thing, especially when they bring new ideas on the table! Congrats on a solid looking 1.0! You are already thinking about it, but I feel I should press on the fact that you need to get this into as many hands as possible, so a trial (outside the MAS) or in-app purchase so the initial app is Free would help greatly. As long as you communicate clearly the limits of the free app/trial and offer good value to purchase the full version, I think you will do great!
Very intrigued. Could pull me away from 1password as I don't like how they pass passwords from the vault into forms as someone as already mentioned. Also echoing outside Mac App Store and a trial to attempt to pull people away. Could offer a version that only allows for local machine usage and the paid upgrade would be to have iCloud sync for use on other devices. Just a thought. Nice work for such a small team!
@dnuzum or offer a discount to existing 1Pass paid users to switch would be nice. Path Finder did this for users of Total Commander if I'm not mistaken.
@anodigital Yes, that does sound familiar... Some difficulties to that involving the licenses, but it could be done.
@anodigital definitely has crossed my mind. But currently impossible to do whilst we're Mac App Store only.
@pfandrade_: what are in your views the key advantages of Secrets vs 1Password or other similar apps? As you stated, it uses iCloud Sync instead of 1Password's servers to sync the 'secrets' (which might be safer). You point out a simple and clean UX, and the ability to store more than passwords. Anything else missing from this list?
@joantune don't forget the user verifiable open storage format - OpenPGP ;) The list will keep growing -> subscribe to our newsletter on our website (