Messages are scrambled into emojis until you unlock it

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Omg my daughter CAN NOT under no circumstances find out about this app. EVER! ;-)
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜―πŸŽ…πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸš This is silly 😜
@rrhoover hey Ryan, it seems silly, but I wonder what you think of it after reading the back story. Also, we all have built sillier things. Haha.
Time for a bit of a backstory. Now is a good a time as ever. 2 years ago I was learning PERL. My girlfriend (now wife) was living in France. We were doing the "long distance thing". I decided to build a SECRET MESSAGE MACHINE that took input matched it to a simple @array, and spit out what looked like nonsense. Very low level encryption. She liked it, we sent messages back and forth over FB, in relative security. Only me, her (and obviously the NSA) could read our messages. After getting into iPhone dev, I was noticing how PUSH notifications were killing the experience of messaging. I realized that the "greatest security threat" to a teenaged kid was not some cliche Eastern European Hacker Consortium, it was her friends around her that sneak peak at her PUSHES, look through her messages, etc. So we needed something more secure for kids. 1) ENCRYPTION Something cute + secure. The app uses bank level (standard, not that fancy) AES 256 Encryption to get the messages encrypted between sender and receiver, then converts the hash into emojis. (We spent a long time going through every single emoji to just use the "cute" ones) 2) PIN CODE We swapped out the 10 digit pin for Pure emoji pin codes. In order to unlock a message, the pin code must be entered. (To get to settings also, your friends are that sneaky) 3) AUTO LOCKING The entire app turns into emojis when you close the app/it goes into the background This is of course an MVP, as messaging clients are pretty hard to build. We have built this app, and another emoji app called Emojese (to test other assumptions that we have about the Emoji/messaging/privacy/teen space.) Hopefully more on that later. Great to be here, thanks very much for this. Good luck to all the makers.
@reiftauati Love this!!! What is the best way to get in touch with you? ✌️
@takethisout shoot me an email any time man. :D (and thanks for the love, it's been fun to see people start using it)