Secret So Far

A simple platform to anonymously share your secrets.

Love this concept, but you should implement a different comment system than Disqus since that kind of removes the secret element...
@tristanisham totally understand your point! I have actually enabled the guest-commenting feature for disqus. So technically now it should not require any login (it might take a bit before the change is effective). Thanks a lot for your feedback (y)
@tristanisham I deployed a simpler and fully anonymous commenting system. What do you think about it?
SecretSoFar is a simple and anonymous platform to read and share secrets from people from all over the world. The goal is to allow everyone to get rid of a heavy weight in a fun and safe way. Let me know what features you'd like to see built on top of it (y)
@andrearocca I like these kind of sites. I think it would be nice to be able to share images of the cards.
@jevinsew Thanks for the love! That's indeed a cool idea, will look into it tomorrow! :)
@andrearocca My pleasure. Some of the secrets are quite funny. So that's a different take!
@jevinsew Ahah yeah! Some of them are absolutely hilarious!
@andrea_munches They are!! Let me know if you need some help with the HTML to image code. I have a few samples from ideas I've been toying around.
I'm loving the elegant choice of colors! and what people have posted so far is quite amusing.
@itsmidnightyo Thank you! Super happy you like the colors :) Yes indeed, some secrets are absolute gems!
damn i like it! nice color choices by the way.
@samilkarahisar thank you! Happy you like the idea and even happier you like the color palette! (y)
The name "secret so far" implies that it will be secret up to a point, and you will one day reveal who is who.
@mdavep it says that something has been kept secret until it's shared on the platform.Plus - as I'm not collecting any email/name/etc everyone is safe :)
@andrearocca I know that, I'm just saying the name you chose may be scaring some people off, despite the truth of the matter.